London is Full

Monday, 12th July 2010

I'm having a problem with land. There isn't any. More accurately, there isn't any that's up for sale - and that's where you, the fine denizens of the internet, can help: wandering around London I can see literally hundreds of little scraps of unused land that could easily house my project, even be improved by its presence. The carriage footprint is about 16x3m, and the land wouldn't need to be much larger than that. Exterior building work should be minimal, as the house will be pretty much self contained.

My theory is that many of these pieces of land aren't listed for sale simply because nobody (except me) wants to buy them - property developers have no use for them and investors see little potential for them to gain value. I, on the other hand, would love one - I'm realistic about what land in North/Central London costs and although this is designed to be a cheap build, I have budgeted a significant amount for land.

So, do you know anyone who might be able to help out? Even the most tenuous leads could be helpful! Please get in touch if you've got any suggestions. Thanks everyone.

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