Fitting In

Monday, 12th July 2010

Good design is all too often overlooked. With all the constraints on the project, I want to show that practical design can still be beautiful, both inside and out. I'm envisaging cascading plants down the sides of the carriage, breaking the hard lines of the train slightly and providing a brilliant contrast to its stark, industrial look. A green roof, too, if the weight issues can be overcome. The stairs to the door, and perhaps some panelling around the underneath to stop the wind, should help to set it into its location - the materials depend on where exactly that ends up being; perhaps polishing up some reclaimed metal and glass, perhaps cutting up some old front doors, maybe even using stone to do the job - whatever's appropriate to the setting.

I want my house to be something special, but it still needs to fit into its area, the neighbours need to be happy with it, and the planning office need to sign off on it. It's a challenge, but it's one that I'm genuinely happy to take on; if the area ends up looking better for my house being there, that's when I'll have succeeded.

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