Impossible? Well...

Tuesday, 11th October 2010

I haven't given up. Not even close. It's just that the reality of dealing with the world at large is beginning to chip away at that initial enthusiasm. I still have every reason to believe that there are plenty of people out there who would jump at the chance of getting tens of thousands of pounds for a rooftop or an unused scrap of garden, and I'm more than happy to pay them. In the meantime, though, the estate agents completely ignoring me mid-conversation, or the businesses who don't even take the time to reply, or the developers who never get around to returning my calls as promised, are all becoming rather tiresome. I know these people are busy, but the lack of even basic courtesy seems inexplicable. A shred of politeness wouldn't be too much to ask, and if they can't even give me that then I have no reason to waste my time dealing with them any more than is absolutely necessary. It's a stark contrast to the huge amounts of help and effort that I've seen from so many of the individuals who have taken the time to get in touch through this site, and it's made me realise that there are inherent benefits in working straight from person-to-person.

In short, it's time to get a bit more creative. The usual channels aren't going to work here, so I'm going to have to be direct - no businesses, no middlemen, just a transaction between myself and one of the many people with the kind of space that I need, in the right location. They'll be a significant amount better off, I'll have a place to build, and hopefully everyone will be happy.

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