The Tube House Project

So, I'm trying to build a house inside an old tube carriage.

Since you're still reading, I really hope you're at least a little bit interested in why. I'm an average student, just one of almost 400,000 in this city alone. Rental costs are going through the roof, and buying is pretty much out of the question, so it seems like it's about time to try something new.

A recycled tube train is tough, weatherproof and small enough to fit into a plot of land in a crowded city - not to metion being an amazing piece of design in its own right. I want to show that it can be done, work out the kinks, and in the long term to help others to do the same. With any luck, this project will show that comfortable, attractive, eco-friendly housing isn't just for the very richest among us. Plus I'll have a brilliant place to live by the end of it!

There's absolutely no way I can do this alone, and that's where this site comes in. You can read a little more about my motivations, or follow the project itself. You can ask me questions. And if you can offer any kind of help or suggestions, or want to use the buttons below to share this with your friends, then you will have my eternal gratitude!

Thanks everybody!

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